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Graduation Tabloid Cover
tabloid cover, graphic design

This was the cover of a tabloid-sized insert included in the May 17, 2005 issue of the Macon County Chronicle. I can't take credit for the design concept--my boss had seen a similar pre-made cover in a stock catalog but it was way too pricy for our small paper to afford, so he tasked me with recreating it. If I remember correctly, the original version didn't have anything like the column in the background, so that was my main personal contribution (well, that and the text design, since the original had no text). All the elements came from stock photos from, which is an excellent source of affordable stock photography.

Date: May 2005
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS
Dimensions: 1743 x 2168 pixels (10.25" x 12.75" @ 170 dpi)

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