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I'm curently open for commissions, so if you have a project in need of an illustrator or designer, send me details about the project and I'll reply with a proposal and a quote. My rates are very competative, and I always charge on a per-project basis so you know what you're paying upfront.

If you have an on-going project or an open position available, I'm open to regular freelance contacts and full- or part-time employment as well. I can send a resume with references if needed.

I hold a B.A. in English with a minor in Art from Middle Tennessee State University, and I've worked as a graphic designer on both a full-time employee and a freelance contract basis. I've done work for newsprint, magazine print, four-color print, signage, and the web, so whether your project is web-centric or needs to be print-ready, I can do it.

I also do custom jewelry commssions, so if you'd like one of my pieces in another color or material or you have a completely different thing in mind, send me a message describing what you'd like and I'll reply with a proposal and a quote. Please note that I don't do any metalsmithing so I can't fulfill any requests for anything that would need to be cast, such as rings, metal pendants, etc. Also, please allow at least six weeks before any important deadline (a wedding, a birthday, etc.). This is especially important if I have to order materials from a supplier in order to fulfill your request.



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